Email marketing via a Crm system

Keep Intouch with your Bristol clients with a Crm system – do you want to easily manage your email contacts? Group them into buyers or potential customers? Review which customers open your emails? You need a Crm system.

We can help design for many Crm systems including our favourite intouchcrm. The system offers many many functions including automated campaigns.

We can design, manage and report on your campaign, we can advise on content and imagery, create bespoke landing pages for your campaigns for maximum conversion rates.

Or if you prefer we can design you an email template which you can edit and send yourself to your target audience.

We can do as little or as much as you want.

Email marketing is a cost effective way to mange communications internally and externally. With most crms all emails can be tracked, clicks, opens, bounces- we can use this information to create targeted campaigns – think about it – if we new who opened which link in an email and didn’t buy from you, we know they are interested in your product but not yet ready to purchase – we can gather the top users who clicked and send them an automatic campaign – maybe offering a discount or extra benefits of the product or service – we can then gather this data and fine tune again and again on then follow up with a personal call to convert the lead.

We hope that gives you an ideal of how we can pinpoint potential users into buyers via email marketing.

Contact us for a free quote or advice on your email campaign efforts in Bristol.