The Difference between Low and High Cost Web Hosting

What is website hosting from

Web Hosting is a service that offers to host and serve your website and emails on the Internet. Web Hosting, has several levels, and everyone selects the level most suitable to them. Please see some of the levels detailed hereunder

Low Cost Shared Hosting

In this case, the hosting company, at a reasonable fee from you, accepts your website design and email hosting on its own server that shares space with a multitude of other diverse users as well.

This service is ideal only for those on a shoestring budget who use the service only as a hobby. The hiring services here for hosting are minimal, and is a great advantage for beginners, who have to scrape for every dollar they want to spend. However, such cheap services have their disadvantages as well, because they lie about their band space in order to corner the business.

It, however, is sad that the government and the FTC are ignoring the fake advertising, and not bringing the defaulters to book. Their contention is that web hosting is more consumer related and not business oriented, irrespective of the large number of consumers that are duped by the false advertising every day.

Shared Hosting- High-end

The outstanding feature of this kind of service is that it hosts your website on a server hosting only limited numbers of websites, generally up to 100. So you can expect better response, but be prepared to shell some extra amount.

What you should know about this type of service is that it is not unusual for some of the hosting companies that advertise this service, to share the same server in anticipation of attracting clients who do not mind paying an extra amount. So, on dealing with one such service provider, you may not really get the promised additional storage or bandwidth, as you are made to share the same server with numerous other users.

Managed Hosting- Low Cost

In this case your website runs independently on server and is not shared with the rest of the clients, thus overcoming the limitations normally associated with shared hosting arrangement. Yet, there are difficulties of patronising a company offering such services. Such companies tend to focus on having a larger number of clients, as a consequence of which they are unable to provide a satisfactory level of services and monitoring, plus features like daily/weekly backups may be absent.

Managed Hosting-High-end

When you avail this kind of service, the server hosting your website is not shared by others. So, the issues connected with shared hosting are almost eliminated. Companies providing this level of service provide 24X7 services to their clients, practical support for server hardware/software, backup and monitoring.

Generally, they are also equipped to handle a sudden/big spike of traffic to your site by adding servers immediately or balancing the traffic load on different servers. This is the highest level of hosting.

Cloud Hosting
If you are looking for hosting without extra cost, but with better performance, go for cloud hosting from reputed providers. This offers more operational convenience, with excellent security and superior results at lower prices. In this system, multiple cloud servers and multiple data centres offer you unlimited power to facilitate you easy accessibility to a scalable infrastructure with a great degree of automation.

Often, many low cost shared hosting companies promise to deliver gazillions on hard disk plus bandwidth. However, you should understand that, as traffic to your site increases and starts using those gazillions of hard disk and bandwidth, it can’t continue to be on shared hosting service as issues of security and CPU performance, crop up.