Does blogging still work to increase sales? We would say a resounding ‘yes’. Why? Because

  • It is an effective way to drive traffic to your site by engaging potential customers and beginning a relationship with them;
  • blogs are proven still to increase your Search Engine Optimisation;
  • use of your presence on the web via blogging helps you to position yourself as leader in your field; and
  • blogs and their feedback enhance on-going customers relations/interaction.


Helping to invite traffic to your website:

An interesting and informative blog with relevant content and visuals will engage those interested in your type of product. It is a subtle, but effective marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website.

You can make a website design blog section the foundation for the various social media options. Posting links on such platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, will give your followers a reason to click through to your website.

Additionally, you can tailor where you send your blog readers, by inserting website links your blog articles, you can take traffic to specific landing pages.


Helping to increase your SEO/ SERP:

The internet loves fresh and original content, so even if your line of products or services is reasonably static, you can still keep your SEO up to speed by offering new content via your blog.

Before embarking on blog writing make a list of all the key words, key phrases, key expressions, key topics and key categories of items that you could associate your products/services with. Using these in your writing will help your product to be found. Google and other search engines make use of words/collections of words to find your site. It is crucial to make subtle and appropriate but full use of these ‘keys’ in your articles. The good news too is that by blogging regularly about all subjects you can think of which can relate in some way to your product/service you will increase results.

How good content helps you make yourself a leader in your field:

By writing blogs that resonate with your market and demonstrate your knowledge and experience in the field, you are marketing your skills. Potential customers will begin to view your blog as a place to acquire knowledge and get valued opinion on products that they are interested in. Well written and thoroughly researched articles will increase respect for your business and by extension its products. If you are in the business to business field, or a specialized niche market, your blogging skills are particularly important.

Over time, as trust between you and your readers develops, you will be seen as a leading authority in your field, the first stop source of knowledge. If you can back this up with excellent products/services and customer service this will help you become a trusted brand.

Enhancing your relationship with your customer:

One thing that people may miss about conventional shopping is interaction with a knowledgeable sales person and the opportunity to share their enthusiasm in a particular matter, cooking, books, clothes, model making etc etc. If you can write pithy and relevant blogs and invite feedback, it is possible to get a proper information forum on your site. The internet offers many examples of communities that operate in this way. Customers will know to return to your site for information. Additionally, remember that blogs and their subsequent discussions provide longer lasting SEO searchable information than customer comments you may respond to via social media .

Offering a place where questions can be asked, information given, comments left and suggestions made, all contributes to deepening your relationship with your customers and provides added value to your site at no extra cost to the customer. They will appreciate this and this may well lead to trust of and loyalty to your business on their part – the bottom line being that they are very likely to buy your products or services.