Finding and Choosing the best domain name

Choosing the correct domain name is vital. Something related to your industry and memorial is key, try to work in a keyword for example if you run a web design company in Bristol – may be an option. Also please remember to make it easy to type, for example don’t use abbreviations for example txt instead of text, cud instead of could – remember it needs to be professional.

Also try to stay away from numbers and dashes / hyphens but we do appreciate some very popular domains may have already been sold. Legal issues may also be a factor so please also research your domain name, make sure its not a registered trademark as you could find you have large legal fees to pay and need to start over with a new domain, even worst if you have started a SEO campaign for this domain name.

If you are targeting the uk only, try to purchase a There are now many other combinations of domain extensions eg .golf , .london, .co, .info, .net etc these may help in print or radio campaigns as these are easily remembered. These new extension domain names can easily be linked to your main website – if you can it is always beneficial to brand as many combinations for domain names even for branding purposes or to stop your competitors buying them.

Domain Name Costs

Domain names cost around £10 – £50 per year.

If you are running an ecommerce online shop you may also what to consider using a SSL certificate these start from around £100 per year depending level and security.

On a positive note SSL certificates may also help with your online rankings.