Did you know colour affects your website in many ways?

Colour is another important factor in web design – for example did you know each colour represents an emotion? See below to see what each colour represents and how colour can have an impact on your web design user experience:

Red conveys
Energy, Action: Desire, Passion

Orange conveys
Adventure, risk, conversation, Friendship, forward thinking

Yellow conveys
Happiness and fun, optimism, affordable, confidence, communication, new ideas

Blue conveys
Communication, trustworthy, Peace, Honesty, authority and wisdom

Color Purple/Violet conveys
Inspiration, thinkers, creativity, individual, subconscious

Turquoise conveys
Communication, balance, success, trendy, elite, expensive

Pink conveys
Love, compassion, nurturing, understanding, respect, positive, inspire

Silver conveys
Illumination, forward thinking, modern, clear, strong, energy, wealth, expensive, class, corporate

Gold conveys
Success, winners, wealth, expensive, elegance, value, quality, status

White conveys
Innocence, clean, pure, stress free, moving on, clear, modern

Black conveys
Mystery, secretive, luxury, dark, power, control, unknown

We hope this gives you food for thought and choosing the right colour is key in your website design.