Planning your Information Architecture and user experience for your web site

Planning is key, have a brainstorm, research competitors, make notes, ask us! At this stage you should have a rough idea on the amount of pages you require to give your user / potential customer enough content to either purchase via ecommerce or make an enquiry.

Main pages can include home, about, services, portfolio and contact, these are popular pages for a simple new business new start up – remember a website can always be added to, nothing is set in stone especially if you use a content management system like word press, joomla. Your web designer can advise on the best system to use as both have there strengths and weaknesses – it all depends on immediate requirements and also future web development.

Stop and relook at your website plan

Once you have your final list – stop – look with a fresh pair of eyes the following day.

Once you have your definitive list, plan internal links for example you may want to add call back or contact us links on your service pages- link out to external references- link to examples of work – think of the journey and put yourself in your potential clients shoes – give them enough information to make them buy or contact you – think of the questions they might ask, answer them.

In your website for example you may want to add a FAQ section to your website to answer very common questions – saving you admin time and dare we say time wasters.