Choosing the best Web Hosting Plan

Website hosting can be as simple or complex as your require, for most websites shared hosting is more than enough. If you are unsure about your website requirements please consult your web designer or contact us for a free consultation. Key considerations are understanding of technology, budget and running costs and requirements.
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting

Shared Hosting

This is where your website is shared on a server with other websites, this is the most common and cost effective solution – All updates, technical details are handled by the hosting company for your peace of mind. You can still request special software requirements within reason but for most websites this will be enough to have a full online presence in most cases you will have access to a control panel to manage your email and tools online.

Dedicated Server

If you have a large website, thousands of pages, or highly sensitive material for eccomerce or storage solutions, you will need a dedicated server, speed will be better and you will have access to server configuration for specific needs. Costs will however increase but performance will and security will be improved.

Your own Hosting

You will own / buy a server, it will be located in your office or secured area – if any issues arise you will need your IT company to assist with updates and hard ware issues.