What images or graphics should I use in my website?

Images play one of the most important rules in engagement and selling your product or service  – an image tells a thousand words. You can supply your own images, buy stock imagery, organise your own photo shot or if needed create bespoke graphics, charts, maps, qr codes and infographics.

Look at image trends in the 2000s if was common to use business stock images where all the models we starring at the camera, overly exaggerated smiles, tanned – now this seems quite fake and can easily date a website.

Things to consider:

  1. Will the image date easily?
  2. Should I drop the image?
  3. Should I rotate the image?
  4. Will the image look better in black and white or in colour?
  5. Does the image offend?
  6. Does the image stand out?
  7. How many times has it been downloaded or used before?
  8. Does it stand out from your competitors?
  9. Is the image right for the content on the page? Would a graphic or chart look better?
  10. Does it work with other images on your website?
  11. Does it tie in with your brand?
  12. Does the image sit within your target audience?

For example you may want to consider istock or shutterstock for your images.

These are all important factors in choosing the right image for your website. If this feels overwhelming or you would like some simple advice please contact us.