Choosing the best website platform for your business

Choosing the right platform is key, there are many ways a website can be created. Depending on your specific requirements your web developer can advise on the best platform depending on budget and timescales.

Content Management System – CMS – WordPress or Joomla

If you are looking to update your website yourself, adding new pages, tweaking keywords, descriptions, adding images, links, blog posts, eccommerce, adding products, editing products, deleting products, changing prices, shipping costs – you will need a content management system for example WordPress or Joomla. WordPress is is very easy to use, just think of using a word document – you can bold text, underline, insert images, create links, change colours of text – it’s very popular in the industry. Joomla is a bit more advanced but is more complicated to use – this suits more larger and complex projects. But has the same functionality as WordPress.

Custom build CMS

Custom bespoke system for your business, you may as your business develops require a custom solution for example you may want an eccommerce website with special delivery details, timed emails based on user views, display certain information to different countries etc Custom systems can be more expensive and time consuming but many custom systems deliver a personal touch and higher conversion rates.

HTML static web site

If you only need a simple static website not needing many updates yearly this is the solution for you. Once the site is built your web designer will only be able to make changes on an ad hoc basis – static sites are cheaper and also a favourite for small startup businesses as they can always be converted to WordPress or joomla at a later stage.