Making the right onsite SEO changes for your website

Once you have decided on the content for your website, and if you are putting the website pages together yourself in a content management system – you need to factor in onsite optimization. This is a process of making your website appear better in searches in Google, yahoo or Bing.

How onsite optimisation works is that google will scan the web page including various factors, including, how much content you have on the page, how well its written, naming of the URL, titles, descriptions, alt tags, unique content, use various keywords around your subject, check for broken links, do not duplicate content, create internal links, link to external websites, use h1, h2, h3 headings, name images correctly, make sure images are well optimised for speed, images should be 72 dpi, add social sharing links.

On site optimisation is the first step of getting a better rank for your keywords and is a priority of any off page link building techniques.

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